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Surface Pro 2 Unresponsive for Videos and some Links


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I dropped my surface pro and it was replaced with a surface pro 2. The 14 day return date has passed and I have continuously had a problem with the screen not responding when I click on an embedded video or some links. I can touch all over the screen but nothing happens. The entire system appears to lock up. Sometimes I will get the dots across the bottom of the screen as if it is trying to connect the link. This never happened with my surface pro. This is very frustrating and causes me to sometimes restart to get it to respond again or if I wait long enough it will eventually respond. Any ideas?
Thanks. I will try resetting. I don't have other problems only with the way it is handling embedded videos or the wireless connection. I don't have problems with my other laptop so I know it is not my wireless device. I also downloaded the newest updates, but the fireware update failed. I will try it again today also.
If your problems persist, you should check Microsoft's official community boards (link in sig) or go to their tech support. There's only so much we can do on this end of an unofficial forum.