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Surface Pro 2 wont turn on or wake up


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why does my pro2 not wake up, the battery is fully charged, I press the power button once and nothing happens, is there any tricks I need to know to get my pro 2 to turn on, or does anyone know why this happens, it has happened twice once this machine and once on the pro 2 that I took back to the reseller and demanded a new one, Please help !!
Hello Ginger,Surface Pro 2 does not go out from the button, this is just to turn on or hibernate, hibernates the system can power the Surface Pro 2 passing your finger icon, maybe that's what you think.

To turn off the system completely is from -> Control Panel -> shutdown.

Try to see.

Sorry for mi english.

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What kind of time frame are we talking about between when you believe you've turn it off, till when you attempt to wake it up? Are we talking hours or days? Have you go into settings and reconfigured what the power button does? Have you attached the charger and allowed it to charge for an hour or so and tried pressing the power button again?
Thanks Pochowandpoch, the problem is waking it up from sleep/hibernate mode, if I can get it to power up, I will try your shutdown method, just cant get it to start up, I know it has power and is semi on because the windows logo at the bottom middle vibrates if you touch it !!
we are talking hours D1vad, I haven't been into any settings like reconfiguring what the power button does, and yes tried charging it and pressing the power button, with and without the charger attached, i'm pulling my hair out, its brand new and its the second one ive had in three weeks, maybe Australia got all the faulty ones !!
Thanks D1vad
If the SP2 won't power down, meaning that no matter how long you hold the power button down the Windows Button Continues to vibrate or the backlighting on the keyboard continues to works but the screen remains black and unresponsive try this:

Press the Volume Rocker up and hit the Power Button for 10 seconds, wait 10 seconds and hit the Power Button and it should wake up.

If you are able to power it down but it won't turn back on, hold the volume rocker down and press the power button, you should see the Surface Boot Logo.

Why does it do this? My wife's did it because she was using an older Bluetooth Mouse and the driver crashed and kept the machine unresponsive until doing the first "fix".
Have you loaded any software programs on your surface yet? Any programs that both have in common? It sounds like a program that was running in the background has crashed to me. Have you tried holding down the power button for 15 seconds, wait 2 seconds and hit the start button again. In theory it should reset...

This page might help, http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en...service-and-recovery/surface-pro-wont-turn-on
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Success, thank you very much jnjroach, I held the volume button down along with holding the power button, the surface logo flashed and I let go, SP2 didn't start until I pressed the power button one more time and it started up as normal, WOOHOO, Big thankyou
I have loaded corel draw and a couple of adobe programs, there not known to conflict, but it is possible, and what you have said makes perfect sense, thank you, I have got SP2 started by following jnjroach's post,
Thank you D1vad

and thankyou for the link
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I had the same problem with my Surface Pro 2. It worked beautifully for 3 weeks, and then it wouldn't power on. I tried holding down the power button several times (10 secs or more), but no luck. I followed Jeff Roach's advice 3 times (see his post above), and on the third time it worked. I'm glad it's working again, but we shouldn't have to go through all this hassle. This being said, the design concept of the Surface Pro is great. Other tablet makers have tried to copy Apple, but Microsoft's approach is totally different. But if Microsoft wants to increase sales and be competitive, it'll need to fix this problem. It shouldn't be this complicated.