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Surface RT display wont wake up

About once a day it will occur that when I press the power button to wake up my Surface RT the display will not come on. I can press the Windows button and feel the vibration so I know it's powered on but the screen does not wake.

I can hold the power button until it powers off and there is no vibration when pressing the Windows button. Then I can power the Surface RT back on. This has worked without fail to get it usable again. This doesn't happen all the time either, just relatively frequently.

Anyone know what might be causing this or if there is a fix?


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This also happened to me, but it wasn't as frequent as in your situation. I don't know how to fix it, but I recently went back to my Surface RT after returning a SP3 and did a complete factory restore. Now my Surface RT is noticeably quicker and I haven't had this issue. There is was also a side bonus of having almost 14 GB of space left, where before I could only get up to 9 GB. I know it is a pain to do a factory restore, but I would recommend it especially if you have had your Surface RT for awhile (I have had my since launch).
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I also have a Surface RT that doesn't seem to be responding to depressing the on/off switch. Mine displays the boot -up surface screen and then the battery status (with 1 bar) and then goes dark. Storage should not be an issue as I rarely save much on the device. The last time this RT was used was to do the most recent windows updates.