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Surface Pro 2017 - disappearing start screen icons



If you right-click on entries for these applications from the left side of your Start Menu (when showing the list), you can choose to "Unpin from Start". Try that, and then "Pin to Start" again.

Tried that and although the tileicons did reappear, it was only temporary.

However, I was trying out some of the settings - Notifications etc and lo and behold, the Tile icons did reappear and so far (over a full day) they have remained. I am not sure which of the settings that I changed caused the sudden unexpected result as I didn't notice that the tile icons had reappeared right away.

As of right now, I *think* I have the icon issue fixed - time will tell.

Thanks all for the helpful replies.


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Excellent. Glad it is sorted.
Perhaps making a change to one of your settings gave Windows a kick in the pants, and it straightened up.

Marking 'solved', because each of the various suggestions may have contributed to the remedy, and may be helpful to others.


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This is not an uncommon problem. The tiles on the start menu seem "rot" from time to time. If you do nothing, I bet they come back. I've not been able to get an exact solution, but try downloading a new app from the App Store and see if they all come back. I would not suggest doing any kind of reset because it will eventually do it again. I've had it happen on two different machines. It is something to do with the App Store apps.