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Surface Pro 3 Event on June 20


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Microsoft's online store is run by Digital River they are a completely separate org from the Brick and Mortar Stores which have actual Microsoft Employees...


I got a call today from my store asking if I wanted to set an appointment to get it set up on the 20th. I set up my time as 10am and did not need the personal setup. It seems like they are preparing for a bull rush for pick ups.


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I could be wrong but how many people do you think will be waiting at the average Microsoft store when they open. I don't think It will be like an Apple opening with a new device. I would expect 10 or so people waiting. This is pretty expensive and like mine a lot of them are being purchased for business purposes by a company.


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Well, at close to $1500 its not a cheap priced item so I call it expensive and I could see many people passing on it due to the cost. In my case the company is buying it so it isn't a factor on cost. So do you expect 100 people waiting in line to grab one up. I don't no matter where you are. My company has them ordered and being shipped to the IT department and then being distributed to us. How many of the orders are just like mine and those people won't be in any line or at any store? Most large companies work this way.


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It is expensive, but it's a premium product.

The issue is with regards to people actually queuing up is that Microsoft hasn't yet earned this 'respect' for high end quality like Apple has... and it doesn't have enough fanboys!

Maybe a few years down the line :) btw I'm not saying Microsoft doesn't deserve it for the Surface line.