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Surface Pro 3 keyboard not working


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Hi guys,
I have the keyboard and trackpad not working issue from yesterday. Keyboard was working fine on shutting down at night and when I open it in the morning, no response or backlight. It seems to be quite common for the surface pro 3 and I tried all of the methods advised before including connection cleaning, uninstalling/updating devices in device manager, hard shut down, bios mode, hold vol up and power button for 15 sec, not bootable in bios, updating and reverting updates, reset the PC, battery drain and turn on. No avail sadly. I tried with another cover from my friend and issue still persists. Any method I missed? I did update a security patch or something through windows update the night it was working but it was still working after the installation. One more thing I noticed is that 4 HID keyboard devices are listed in device manager but nothing named 'surface keyboard/type cover' is listed. Please advise if anybody faced or is facing the same issue.
Thanks in advance.