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Surface Pro 3 type cover does not work after waking up from sleep


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I had this cover problem since day two after I got my surface pro 3. Most of the time, keyboard will not work when I press power button to come back from sleep mode. My solution now is to detach and attach it back again. But sometimes this method also does not work.

When I turn on the machine after shutting down, my keyboard (cover) sometime work. But again, not every time it will work.

I also read some threads about this and try almost everything. Install all updates. Perform two button shut down, refresh, even reset. But the problem still exists.

Does anyone here has more suggestion for me?



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Might sound silly, but check for debris or grime on the physical connections. With a pencil eraser, gently rub over the six connection pins on your keyboard. It could be that a poor connection is causing enough of a current drop beyond some threshhold to make your SP3 think it is not connected.

If this works for you, you wouldn't be the first. I've witnessed Microsoft Store experts cleaning these connections with rubbing alcohol for a customer with this problem. See Step 2 here.
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