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Surface pro 3 Lcd crack Easy


I had brought two surface pro 3 on Sept of 2014 for my colleges kids now one of them has a cracked screen . My son always careful with his stuff and takes cares of it . The Surface pro is kept in a Microsoft leather case that they sell in store. I also brought the extended warranty for it.

The question is that will Microsoft will replace it with a new one or he has to send it in to get the Lcd fixed?
he have class and need the laptop and don't really want Microsoft to keep it for 3-4 weeks to have it replace.
jake - while waiting for a reply here - you might contact Microsoft to gain more info on handling the situation - in the end, MS will be the one you have to deal with - good luck.
Depending on your location, you should be able to arrange for an advance replacement. Get on the phone or such to MS and they'll be able to tel you what options you have.
this is what tech support said:

Basically, physical damages like cracked screens are not covered by the standard warranty. Its a good thing that you have the extended one. Instead of paying for the $320, you will only need to pay for $50 deductible amount to get our Surface device replaced.

I didn't know we have to paid 50.00 deductible out of pocket?
I think many insurance policies have some sort of deductible - this is why it is so important to read the fine print - "let the buyer beware" is a saying for a very good reason.

At least you now know how to proceed - 50 is still better than 320.

ETA - Where did you buy the Pro? Is there an MS store nearby? If so, try the local store.
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The $50 is the standard deductible for a broken screen, it is stated in the documentation. I've seen a few reports of Cracked LCDs caused by pressing hard on be the top bezel where the Cam, Mic and Light Sensor are located.
hmmm I bought the complete warranty to cover anything, never expected a deductible for anything. I always buy the full accidental insurance for my previous Dell and Think pads and never got charged for anything. Didn't even think about the possibility of a deductible for the Surface.
From the agreement:


From the Microsoft Store Site:
The LCD has a "weak" spot below the front camera. I noticed this when I was holding it there and trying to remove the type cover. Since the magnet is pretty strong it takes a little bit of force.

I heard a little creaky sound and was alarmed. That spot seems to be hollow underneath making it flex when you apply some pressure (of course not enough to crack the LCD unless you apply excessive force).
My wife dropped and cracked her iPad Air screen a couple months ago and we had Apple Care on it. We had to pay the $49.99 and with tax it was a little over $53 so this is standard policy for most if not all companies.