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Surface Pro 3 Pen selection button on OneNote issue?


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You know the two little buttons on the side of the pen? One is the eraser function on OneNote, the other is the function used to select pieces of your notes. Well the selection button works, but I have to press and hold the button super steadily or else it will not work. So like, midway through selecting a chunk of my note, carefully selecting the parts of the note that i want to actually select, the tracing line would suddenly disappear and I have to start tracing all over again. its like the button loses connection for like a split second and then I lose any tracing i did. It is so effing annoying.

Hey, you know that diagram you just spent 3 minutes trying to trace and select? Great, now trace it again.


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There are two things that I would suggest: first, are you sure that you are pressing the pen firmly against the screen at all times? Second, if the issue occurs frequently, and it sounds like it does, I'd contact Microsoft Surface Support. They'll likely send you a new pen and that may well take care of the issue for you.


I think we all have this problem. The pen is not the yellow from an egg.
The button you are taking about ist not placed at a good position.
For me it should be placed closer to the tip of the pen.

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