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Surface Pro 3 Solid State Storage (SSD) Replacement


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So I bought my Surface Pro 3 used, and it looks like the solid state storage is starting to go out on me already... I only got it about 6 months ago.
A lot of files have been showing up as corrupt, so I installed a SSD monitor which told me "Failure Imminent" I started backing up my drive regularly, but it looks like it has gone out on me. It startes up like normal, but under the Surface logo, it said Attempting to fix problems. After about 10 minutes, it finally says "Windows was unable to repair your drive, shut down or advanced startup"
I booted from my Windows To Go drive, and inspected the internal SSD. In file explorer it showed up as corrupt, and needed to be formatted. Under Disk Manager it showed that it was unallocated, and not initialized. When I ran chkdsk under command prompt it told me that the drive could not be scanned. I ran AOMEI Partition Assistant, and recovered my files, but its showing up as Bitlocker Encrypted (which I thought was very strange). Regardless, it looks like the SSD is on its last leg.

So I'm wiping the drive, and reinstalling windows. But since this is probably going to happen again in the near future, I'm thinking about getting the SSD card replaced. I've repaired a lot of tablets, ipads, and computers before, so I thinking about attempt the grueling task of replacing the SSD card myself. So does anyone know the part number for the 512gb SSD card for a Surface Pro 3, or where I could purchase a replacement SSD card that'd fit into a SP3?
I could have Microsoft repair it, which'd cost $600. I bought the Surface for $750, so that seems stupid to do. Thanks for any help and advice.


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The ifixit teardown shows a 128GB SK Hynix mSATA 6.0 Gbps drive... although mine is a Samsung MZMTE256HMHP-000mv 256GB. Either in the appropriate size or larger should work or even another brand as long as you inject the driver into the image.

You'd just get a replacement from MS not a repair and return.


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