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Surface Pro 3 stuck at bootscreen with small on-screen keyboard and mouse cursor.


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I have a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8.1 with all the current firmware and software updates installed. Upon booting the Surface, it will sporadically boot with the normal
SURFACE logo bootscreen showing but will also show a small on-screen keyboard and mouse cursor. The startup process will get stuck at this point never making it into the OS. If I didn't know any better, I would say that the UEFI is not handing off to the OS and begins loading it's own interface.
After a hard shutdown and a little patience I can get the system to boot properly but this is annoying for the user and me.
Has anyone else seen this and found a solution? Or is this just bad hardware that needs to be RMA'd?

Sorry for the blurry pic.



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Never seen anything like that, if you can get it to boot I'd perform a Reset on your Windows 8.1 OS - logically I would assume this would "re-register" the OS with the UEFI bootloader.


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That looks like it could possibly be some sort of test or troubleshooting mode that somehow got initiated. I've not seen that before either.

Have you tried calling Surface support about this? It's worth a shot to see what they have to say about the condition.


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Oh my. I had that on my SP3 i7 512 three weeks ago. Had to take it to the Microsoft Store. Experts could not revive it and replaced my machine on the spot.

They called it "half-bricked".