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Waking from sleep mode

Hi All,Does anyone else have issues with their SP3 waking up from sleep mode?Every morning, after the SP3 has gone into sleep mode overnight, I have to hold down the power button for 10sec to shut the SP3 down and then start it up from scratch again as it just won't wake up normally?

I'd this a common issue and is there a fix for it?



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After four hours of connected standby (sleep mode), SP3 will hibernate. Pressing the power button will not turn on the screen as quickly as it would from sleep. Press the button as normal and wait a couple of seconds for the Surface logo to pop up and wake the machine.

Or, are you saying it won't wake up no matter how long you wait?


Yeah no matter how long I wait it won't turn on.The keys on the keyboard light up but the screen does not come on. I have waited about 2min and still the screen is blank.I then have to hold down the power button to shut the SP3 down and then restart.


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I am experiencing the same issue with the Surface 3 (Atom)... *sigh*

I wonder if a FIX or resolution is somewhere out there...

Rob Cohen

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I had the same issue. It disappeared when I did an accidental damage replacement for unrelated reasons. What seemed to fix it temporarily was to do a force restart or two button shutdown per this article: https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/warranty-service-and-recovery/surface-wont-turn-on-or-wake-from-sleep?os=windows-8.1-update-1

Still, it was frequent, sometimes several times per week and that shouldn't happen. Maybe the video driver update mentioned in the link just above would have fixed it so maybe worth a try. Otherwise I bet a reset would fix it :(.