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On my Surface Pro 3, I installed an SDHC 128 GB card. In Settings>System>Storage, I designated to have everything, e.g. music, documents, apps, etc. go to the SD card that slides into the Surface under the folding lid.

What I noticed was: 1) I downloaded the Surface app from the MS store and the Live tile had no description. 2) Upon opening the Surface app and clicking on setting defaults, I got the BOD and it said EXFAT ERROR - Collecting info.

this happened twice, so I ran Scan /sfc, nothing reported. Took out the card, reinserted it and same thing happened again. I would get errors while downloading an after "retry" multiple times it would install again.

Finally decided to uninstall the app and change the Storage location for Apps back to the Surface Pro 3. This time it installed with no errors and name appears on the Live Tile.

My question - can EXE programs be installed in the SCHC card being that there is an option to install APPS to the SDHC card?

Any advice on this issue with using a PNY Elite 128GB, up to 85MB/Sec transfer rate, Micro SDXC Card and it's a Class 10 card?