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Surface Pro 4 - Blue Screen - Zoom


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Good afternoon,
I hope you can help me.
I have a Surface pro 4 Intel m3-6y30 1.51 Ghz 4 and whenever I log in to Zoom, a blue screen appears and Windows restarts.
I've tried to reinstall Windows, make all the updates possible but the problem always happens.
Has anyone gone through this experience that can help me? Thanks.


Staff member
Your video graphics driver seems to be in error somehow.

Try this:
1 - Settings, search for Device Manager, open it
2 - Choose Display adapters, double-click NVIDIA ...
3 - Choose “Driver” tab, click Update Driver
4 - Choose “Browse my computer for drivers, then click “Let me pick ...”
5 - Choose a driver which is not the first line (the first line is your current driver), Next

A previous driver will be installed. Restart your computer when installation is finished (takes about 3 minutes to install).

If Zoom still fails, repeat these steps to re-install your previous (most recent generation) driver by choosing “Search automatically” on step 4. We will then have to try something else.

Let us know ...