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Leather Protection for Surface Pro 6

Do you case your surface?

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I'm finding only two options that appeal. Looking for more! Any suggestions? I currently use the Tomtoc zippered pouch which is great for high-protection while travelling. Looking for something sleeker for everyday use.

1) Vero Sleeve for Surface Pro 6

  1. Gorgious heavy leather, finely crafted.
  2. Truly custom-fit to the SP6. Snug.
  3. Show off your naked/decaled Surface when in use.
  1. Does not fit SP6+pen. Requires pen be detached and inserted into external (unprotected) slot.
  2. No protection when device in use.
  3. Need to keep track of case while device in use.
  4. Relatively expensive.
  5. Only one review online.
2) iCarer Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Shenzhou Genuine Leather Folio Case
  1. Looks like nice quality; nice leather.
  2. Protected device while in use.
  3. No keeping track of case while in use.
  4. Pen holder (though not sure this is needed with stronger SP6 magnet?)
  5. Leather flap doesn't extend beyond keyboard like other folio options I've seen.
  1. Leather strap under keyboard could introduce instability--especially when using lower keys.
  2. Long delivery time. Questionable warrenty/return.


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Another good leather option I had not seen! Both of these seem more attractive than my Tomtoc. Still hunting, though, for the ultimate always-attached folio wrap that has no negatives : )