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Surface Pro 4 MicroSD Card


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Pardon my noobness - but I just found out that the SP4 can take a microSD card. I have a few questions:

1) Does anyone have any recommendations with regards to SD card speed / capacity?
2) Up to what size (GBs) will the SP4 take?
3) Has anyone attempted to multiply the SD card port? I know there is a MicroSD card cable that will allow multiple SD Cards to be connected - has anyone tried this?

Again - sorry for the novice questions.



SanDisk and Samsung are decent brands. I use a 128 GB SanDisk. No issues..
200 GB cards are available but pricey. If you do need tons of capacity, use a USB drive. If you want performance, and capacity and money is not an issue. Get yourself a Sansung Evo 2 TB SSD and an Inateck enclosure. It will run rings around any SD card, and mechanical drive. You could also get th the Samsung 1 TB External drive which is light, tiny and imminently portable.

I haven't tried the SD card cable, don't see the point of it.
the sp4 takes up the 2tb of sd cards, which will not exist for a few years yet. I own the SanDisk 200GB and it works great, read speed of about 80MBs.


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I'm happy with my SanDisk 128GB, but I also have a Toshiba 1 TB USB HDD. It also works well. They both cost about $50-$60.


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SD cards are slow, anywhere from 4/5 MB write up to 70MB write. Reads are usually between 50-100MB. It's great for storing documents, some pictures, even local video. But it's not the best when it comes to syncing a lot of files or installing many applications to it. SD cards have a limit of Read/Write Queue of 1 at a time, so this slows down a lot more. Hard drives are fastest in this case (SSD of course, followed by standard plate hard drives).

I would recommend getting a 64/128GB micro sd card, the best you can afford. I have a 64 in mine that gets me about 8/10 write, which is fine since I don't store important things there. Maybe just some music or videos.


I am happy with the Samsung 128gb Evo plus 2.0

Sustained read and write is close to fast Ethernet. The controller has a great reputation for not being total crap like most.

Debates between high end Sandisk and Samsung. Went with Samsung for tested sustained speeds and price. Was $39 at BB Black Friday - hard to pass up.


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Got the 128 sandisk microsd, read about 80mbs and write around 30-35mbs. Got it from amazon the other day for $40. Before that I had a pny 64gb elite pro version which I got for $30 and had 80mbs read and 70mbs write. Returned it cause for my use I rather have a higher capacity storage for about the same price than speed.


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what is ur read/write speeds
I haven't measured either, but am happy with the speed for playing music, streaming videos and storing documents. I store all my programs and apps on my SSD, which should be faster than either.