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Surface Pro 5 CPU Locked at 0,39 GHz and Switches off when Unplugged from AC cable


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3 months ago, I got plagued with an anomaly on my SP5 when I turned it on in the morning and it was slow in loading. When I inspected further, I found in Task Manager that the CPU speed is locked at 0,39 GHz and will not change - Yes, I did put the Power setting on Best Performance too.

The Surface Pro 5 computer I have is the Core i5 model and should be around 1.5 GHz on average and upto 2.5 GHz. Furthermore, the Battery was at 42% but not charging, yet when I unplug the AC power cable, the Surface Pro 5 switches off instantly (unlike other cases where the speed goes up if AC power is removed, this 1 just switches Off). since i don't use it about 3 months now the Battery 14%.
i update windows to (20H2) and still not solving the issue, i can't update surface pro 5 firmware because need at least 40% battery.
i try using throttle stop apps, but it will randomly shutdown.

may be anyone have same problem and got solved already?
thank you