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Buy a Surface PRO now or wait for Haswell?


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Hi guys,

I've just registered here because im very interested in the Surface Pro.
I'm going to start to study in september and I'm looking for a device to mainly take notes at the university,
but also for things like a little gaming (not hardcore stuff but only basics like League of Legends, some Minecraft and so on)
and came across the Surface Pro.

My question is now should i buy a Surface now since Haswell has been released and it improves battery live and also graphics performance?
I will be using the tablet for about 3 years and back a few years ago i bought a iPhone 3G just a few weeks before the 3GS came out and was kinda frustrated since i didn't know it was coming out.

I'm not familiar with the speed things take to come out. So if we can't expect a tablet with Haswell chip until Sept-Oct-Nov I think i will go for the Surface.

Hope you guys can help me since i couldn't find a topic about that specific issue

Wait 2 weeks until 26th June (Microsoft BUILD). Apple is offering Haswell MacBook Air from TODAY.
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Thanks for the replies guys!

Still i've got the chance to grab a 64GB modell for around 550€. Used ofc but only 2 weeks old sold by a friend of mine.

I think i'll go for that since i can resell it pretty easy and would probably even make a revenue