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Surface pro as a Cintiq?



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... and unless no other player (such us Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 that has all the rest wistles and bells in it) get's into play, wacom would still own it.
After all, why such a plugin anf play feature is so much of an issue for Microsoft to fill in (along with maybe more pressure sensitivity levels)

I really hope this Wacom's domination will eventually end with such a nice device as Surface Pro seems to be


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If you want to use an Surface Pro like a Cintiq, the Surface Pro is not an option for you. What I like about Surface Pro is that it’s so much more than a drawing surface. It was not designed as a drawing tablet, so if you want something that is more for that specific purpose,

I’d honestly have a XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro which was a cintiq alternative , it was a 21.5" IPS Pen Tablet monitor[/URL] . Obviously, the Surface Pro is portable and the XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro is not. You can use it as a digital sketchbook when you’re drawing outside. It’s also great for casual use the Surface pro too, like browsing and YouTube, so much so that it completely replaced my laptop when I got it. However, once I experienced drawing on a larger XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro , I just couldn’t go back to the smaller Surface screen. It just seems so inadequate now .

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