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Surface Pro charger not working properly


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I just bought the surface pro, and the charger is not working properly. When I plug it, the charging light flashes, and the icon on the screen that indicates when the surface pro is charging or conected, also turns on and off every second. The screen also turns bright and not bright every second.

It gives me the sensation that the power outlet is fluctuating, and the power voltaje is coming and going away. But the power outlet is just fine.

It seems to be a problem taking place at the point where you connect the charger to the Tablet. It has a magnet that holds it in place. When I disconnect and connect again, it seems to work, but for a few minutes, then it strats disconecting and conecting itself on and off every second

Looking at this forum, it seems more people are having the same problem. Any ideas as to why this is happening. I still have like 5 days to return the surface pro and get a refund.

Please help and let me know if this might be a problem with the charger, or maybe something more complicated. I dont live in the US and will only be her for a few more days. I dont want this to be a future problem
JuanIgnacio --

It sounds like you just have a bad charger. If you can get to a Microsoft store, they will replace it for you. If not, you should be able to arrange an "advance replacement" with Microsoft. (I'm assuming that it does manage to charge the battery.)


The problem could also be the battery. I would suggest returning the entire unit. It's a bummer this doesnt work for you as I actually liked the magnetic power interface.
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Switch it for another one while you are here in the states.

Another thing also is to make sure the charger part is seated in the magnetic slot properly. The light will cut on and appear to be charging even if its not seated properly. Once properly seated, there should be no play or wiggle room between the charger end and the slot on the pro.
Before you replace parts, try cleaning off the 4 contacts on the magnetic end of the charging chord, as well as the corresponding contacts on the side of your device. I had a problem similar to what you're describing but the light only blinked with the chord oriented one way, and fine when I flipped it around. Dirt, grease or bits of corrosion were to blame; everything worked fine after I cleaned the connection points.