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Surface Pro Drivers


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Hey guys not sure if this was posted yet. It is a link to the drivers used for the surface pro. I am not sure if they are later than the ones that come stock with the pro, but it is good to keep handy just in case. What I do know is that the HD 4000 drivers are newer than the original ones on the pro. I am quite surprised though that people had to actually compile this stuff rather than it being offered by Microsoft themselves.

Surface Pro Drivers | CRASHCTRL

I am one of the proprieters of CRASHCTRL | Blogging about tech stuff. 'Nuff said.. We compiled this page due to demand and lack of a driver support page via Microsoft.

The drivers are generally the same as a stock image. But if you reinstall Windows and wipe the stock image, you will not be able to get the wireless or surface accessiry device drivers. The graphcs driver has the Intel GUI as well, which assists with scaling on external monitors/TVs. The chipset package is not installed by default as well.

If you find a driver is missing or not available, give us a shout and we'll see what we can find!
So is it possible to have a different scaling for external monitors? I installed the latest intel hd4000 driver and still cant seem to have separate scaling
The guys at CRASHCTRL are saying "Microsoft is working on a way to have different DPI scaling in each monitor so eventually, you can have your porridge just right".
I meant over/underscan on external monitors/TVs. Per an answer on answers.microsoft.com from a moderator, Microsoft is working on the different DPI/scaling when using an external monitor. I am thinking it will be a Windows 9/Blue feature personally.