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Surface Pro Power Supply


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It seems like accessories for the Surface Pro are starting to become available for pre-order. I've been waiting to upgrade my SP2 until I could get the nSP configured the way I want with a colored pen and type cover.

But I'd also like to order another power supply. It looks like the 44W adapter that comes with the nSP isn't available in the store. Has anyone heard when/if it will be available?

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I like to have three power supplies. One at my desk (which I'll be getting the Dock), one in my computer bag and one by the couch. Looking for something for the computer bag and/or couch. ;)

That’s exactly the setup I would like as well :)

I would use the computer bag one out on the deck or patio so I didn’t have to keep plugging and unplugging the one from between the couch and coffee table

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I have one in my bag, the dock on my desk, and don't need one at the couch because the battery life is much longer than a couch experience! My desk is in my home office, so that is where it goes back if it needs a charge at home. I've yet to have the battery go dead between times I'm working.
I often work with it out on the couch in the evenings, with the wife and dogs, while watching TV with varying degrees of interest. As long as I get done what I need to get done that night, all is good :) I do the same sometimes, sitting out on the deck or patio at nights, while listening to music.

I don't know if it is because I am often using it outside or in bright area during the day, and have the brightness turned up more as a result, or if it is the software I am using, or a combination of both, but I only get about half the advertised battery life. Yesterday battery was in the mid-40%'s by 11:30AM. No way it makes it through the day without being topped off somewhere and needs to be charged fully when home.

I picked up a 12v car charger, but would like to add another power supply, just for the bag, travel and use on the deck :)
I have bought a couple of chargers on Ebay and they have been fine. I have 3 now including the original one that cam with the Pro 3. I also have a car charger I bought on Ebay.
I was going to add that both Ebay and Amazon offer compatible chargers.

The power connector for the Surface Pro 3 and newer all appear to be the same. Does anyone know if there are technical differences that make them incompatible?