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Surface Pro Type Keyboard and Windows Logo button


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I have the Surface Pro for about 2 weeks. Just yesterday the device no longer recognizes the Type keyboard. I have rebooted, checked device manager but no KB. The touch KB does work however. Also the Windows logo button on the tablet itself no longer functions. Both happened at same time. Any ideas? Do i have a hardware problem or is there a process for the device to recognize both
i got same problem as yours, logo button not working. and what's more i found:

if restart and not touch the logo button, the touch cover will work e.g.: input the password to login. but once touch the logo button (or the windos key on touch cover) then the touch cover will mal function..... not completely no -- as the volume control key still works, but others key press not woking -- if system not muted, you can hear different sound feed back as normal key press. i think this is a driver problem but nothing more, hope some guru will help me out. -- surface pro 128g
What works for me when I had this problem was identified on the Microsoft site. Power down via swiping right and use the power down option. Once down, press and hold power button and volume up button for 15 seconds. Release. Wait 10 seconds. Power up using the power button. Fixed the problem. Seems using this techniques it assures that the Surface is indeed powered down completely.