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Keyboard and windows button stopped working


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Earlier this week I plugged my SP in one morning and the keyboard and windows button on the tablet stopped working. I didn't have another keyboard to test, so I took it to BestBuy where I bought it and they tried other type and touch keyboards and they didn't work. BestBuy couldn't do a thing for me, so I went to the MS store. At the MS store they did a reboot of Windows 8 and function still did not return so they swapped out my machine for me since it was under manufacturer warrantee. Yesterday, the same thing happened with my colleagues SP. Is this happening to anyone else? It might be happening after a system update.


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I have heard of others with a similar problem and I think there were a couple in the UK so going to the MS store was not an option for them.


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In regards to purchasing the Surface, if I had a MS store available I would not mess with BestBuy.