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Hi guys,

I just got Surface pro 3 and I want to see its display to an LCD monitor through wire. I have a?
docking station with SP3 but I don't know how to connect with it>

Please assist.
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Welcome tiger.

On the docking station you will find a mini displayport socket. You need to find out what kind of input your LCD monitor uses, such as hdmi, dvi, vga, displayport, and then get on amazone or ebay and buy yourself a mini displayport -> (enter your monitors input type) cable. E.g a mini displayport to dvi cable.

For wireless connectivity, you would need to have a monitor that natively supports miracast, or have a monitor that uses hdmi input, and buy a miracast adaptor such as the Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor.


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I use a 3rd party dock station (can handle 3 4K monitors or so it says) I'm connected via USB to it but as Hughlle said, it should be as simple as buying an adapter. If you happen to have the OEM dock for the sp3 there should be a miniDP on the back of it. for others double check the format of the video output and purchase the corresponding adapter. Go check out monoprice for their adapters, great products and they're cheap.


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My work setup is as follows - SP3 running at 2160x1440 default, Monitor 2 running 2560x1440 and Monitor 3 is running at 3840x2160, I have an Accell Active MST Hub plugged into my dock, all external monitors on Display Port.


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Thanks guys,

Is there any good Touch LCD monitor compatible with Surface Pro 3 available in market?

Please share