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Surface RT and PDF editor and electronic signatures


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I have been using a mircrosoft phone and been extremely happy with it. Now I need a new tablet, and a local store is clearing out the Surface RT. I am a real estate agent and I need to be able to edit PDF's (add text into fields, strike out text, circle words). I also need to be able to add signatures. I need my clients to be able to either sign a signature field, and then I place it into the correct place in the PDF, or they sign directly in the place needed.

Can anyone advise what, if any apps are capable of doing this on a Windows Surface RT?



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Word 2013 (which comes free with the RT) has a feature called PDF Reflow, that "converts" a PDF to an editable Word doc that you can edit/type what you need, then save as a PDF again.

I've tried it a few times and it has worked perfectly :)

Can read more about it here.


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I'm a Realtor too and can't recommend more highly Drawboard. It's perfect for adding signatures directly to a PDF. Before I give my Surface to my client I will go through the doc and highlight all the signature spots in yellow highlight. And using the cloud for storage, when I get home to my main computer the client signed docs are already there and waiting. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) if you'd like.