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Surface RT won"t read new password now


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Hi everyone! I heard this is the place to go for Surface help, and I need it bad!

A few days ago while I was resting my eyes after viewing an image on the Surface RT
the device decided it wanted the old password from August of last year when I first bought it.
A short time after I bought it, it asked if I wanted to use a PIN number instead,
which I proceeded to do. It will not accept the PIN number now. I don't remember the old
password and can't find the paper where I wrote it, I did not go through Microsoft authorization,
as the Internet wasn't available. I did not make a USB reset flash drive,since there were no written
directions to do this or to find Internet access. A Microsoft Support tech named Elijah spent three days
doing everything possible, even trying an Ethernet connection from a laptop to the Surface!

You're my last help Surface Forum, I don't want to lose over 2500 images because the Surface RT
had an internal hiccup! Please help me