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Surface will not start


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My Surface RT 32bit will not boot!

When I turn on the Surface it displays SURFACE but I can't go any further.

I touch the window logo at the bottom of the device, I feel a vibration, but that is all!

What am I doing wrong?

Thanx in advance for any help!

I have to double space because of my eyesight.



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Hi Tully, how long does it sit at the Surface screen? Is it charged? You might want to make sure it is plugged in when trying to boot just in case.

If that doesn't work you may want to try this to restore your Surface:

Hold the power button for about 10 seconds until the Surface powers off.

Then press the power button to start as normal (a 1 second press).

When the Surface logo appears wait for the circling dots and then shut down by holding the power button for about 10 seconds until the Surface powers off.

Repeat this process of powering on and powering off at the circling dots until the Surface enters recovery.

Additional info in this thread http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/microsoft-surface-help/2734-freezing-possibly-useless.html


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Ms surface rt 32

Me the "Old Fart" again!

I could not wait to get my "Surface" Tablet. It was great for the purpose I intended to use it for!

Out of the packages there were NO INSTRUCTIONS!

I figured it out (simple), then LO! & Behold! it stopped working!

When start it the word "SURFACE" comes up & that is it just "SURFACE".

I got onto the SURFACE FORUM, no help.

How & where can I contact someone from MICROSOFT! I live in Ireland! It must be under warranty? :mad:

Am I left with a pricy place mat?

If Microsoft is going to get into the hardware business they, will have do better than this!

The guys on the "WIN8 FORUM have never let me down in the past, help me now!



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I live in the Philippines and got my Surface RT from Australia. I have been in contact with support via chat.

Your location won't prevent you from getting support. Go to Surface.com to get instructions, tutorials and support.


The Surface RT takes less than 30 seconds to boot from cold start to the lock screen. How long has it been displaying the "Surface" logo?

If this is a fresh boot, it takes longer, as it needs to prepare files, configurations, and a bunch of other stuff.

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Tully has posted the same thing over and over since at least 2 22 13. Look at his post history. Microsoft has a support site that is available even on the weekends. Go to the Site and put in your telephone number and someone will call you back within 3 minutes.

finding site will update then.

Microsoft Surface support | Surface help and how-to | Surface setup and troubleshooting

Contact Microsoft Answer Desk for Surface

This is the US site. I have no idea about Ireland RT support. So far, my experience has been a mixed bag with Microsoft. I have NEVER had an issue getting someone on the phone. I have had issue with the answers provided or not provided.
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I have gone through all the procedures to try to fix my Surface RT 32 & the MS site decided that I should
send my SURFACE back for replacement.

I filled out the form & entered the correct Post Code for Dublin Ireland Post Code 7.

It will not accept it! I have tried all the different code variations, no good.

Does anyone know what I should do next?

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I have NEVER had an issue getting someone on the phone./QUOTE]

Machistmo --

The Chat lines are also good. I had a guy from India spend three hours logged into my desktop, trying to figure out why I couldn't upgrade to Win8 Media Center. He was so determined that I was beginning to be embarrassed about it. He did solve the problem, though -- it was a corrupt registry key (probably from a lightning strike). I would not have found it in my lifetime. MS support is world-wide -- maybe even interplanetary.


p.s.: The upgrade was $9.99, so it sure didn't make Bill any richer.


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I would be satisfied if I had one that works! Mine stopped working after 2 weeks!

MS has told me to send it back for replacement. They even downloaded a fancy mailing label for UPS.

I wonder what the failure rate must be!

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