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Surface2 64gb - BUSTED!

I pre-ordered my S2 64gb and received it October 22nd. Aside from a few out of the box resolution annoyances (text and icon sizes too small for my liking) I like pretty much everything about it. I've owned my Surface RT 32gb since the release date last year and now it's what I travel with. I've found it replaces a much larger laptop with far less bulk and 90% of the functionality. Anyway - my new S2 failed to boot yesterday - Blue Screen "STORAGE_DEVICE_ABNORMALITY_DETECTED". Seems to be an SSD failure. After a partial reboot, the SURFACE screen came up and blinked on and off in a 1-2 second cycle. Nothing I could do would get me out of this loop. I contacted MS Support and after a rather lengthy on-line chat and diagnostic, they are advance shipping a replacement. Just thought I would pass this on. I'll use the 32gb, that I handed down to my wife, until the replacement arrives. Still very pleased with my SURFACE.
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