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Sync Surface Pro with Desktop Worstation


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I new to this site, and this question may have been asked and answered. So sorry if this is redundant.

Our engineering group is currently using portable workstations, because we frequently travel. They are large and very heavy, and do not have the performance of a desktop. We are considering using the Surface Pro, and desktops. So when we travel, we would take the Surface. We would not need to do heavy work on the surface, but would need to be able to reference our CAD files occasionally (Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD). So we will need to sync many of our CAD and Outlook files to be the same on both computers. Is there a way to direct connect (USB?) the Surface to a desktop to maintain a “real time” sync? Or is setting up a continuous sync of selected folders on OneDrive the best solution? Or is that even possible?



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Outlook would Sync through On Prem Exchange or Office365, I would use OneDrive or OneDrive for Business (Formally known as SkyDrive Professional) for Syncing...

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