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The update is here (UK)!


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First issues popping up for me are, Chrome does not run on Metro Mode, when you check chrome:gpu, it says Texture Sharing: Unavailable. Hardware acceleration unavailable,
That is the reason Chrome cant run on Windows 8 Mode.
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Today I found a 75Mb Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems, but it said nothing about firmware. Was that the firmware update or it has nothing to do with it?

That has nothing to do with it. The update will be labeled "firmware".


I got this yesterday, I'm in Lancaster, CA.


EDIT: I wanted to add that I got my Pro 2 on December 18th, so I never got the "bad" December firmware, it was already pulled before I fired up my machine for the first time.
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Dont want to negate all your hopes, but after the firmware upgrade on frighday my battery indication messed up again and my battery life is about 5 hours (on medium usage and brightness). I think i will exchange my device now.


It indeed looks like it will be more like step by step instead of "waves". Given the REALLY low number of machines getting the weekend update it almost looks like it was targeting a very specific hardware configuration OR MS is deliberately limiting the exposure to see how well this step does in the wild


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OR MS is deliberately limiting the exposure to see how well this step does in the wild

That would imply that MS are somehow listening to feedback on the issues, and as of yet I've heard no official communications of any kind regarding the problems that they're aware of or what issues that this latest FW is supposed to address.

I guess there is a chance that they're lurking around on these forums, so in the remote chance that they are here's a little feedback:

1. Sleep issues appear to be addressed - system no longer spontaneously wakes up and drains battery, and have encountered no 'sleep of death' problems since the update.
2. Battery capacity issue has NOT been addressed - my 'maximum capacity' suddenly drops to 33,000 when on battery, and will show 100% capacity for hours when using battery after being fully charged - still have to perform the 'volume up & press power button' wakeup to reset the capacity.
3. Was very tempted to insert something rude here but thought better of it.