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The Walking Dead: 400 Days


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I was a massive fan of the first game
and was pleased to hear about this expansion the other day...

Has anyone tried The Walking Dead on Surface? I played through the original on my iPhone... which leads me to my question about this, how does the expansion work? Do I have to have the first game installed already?

I'm guessing that is the case meaning I have to play through on my iPhone again which would be a shame. Unless someone knows otherwise and it's an independent release?


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the 400 days version is the 6th episode of it. [Edit] works fine on surface pro. already finished the game except the latest episode.

i suggest you use the 1240x680 screen resolution so that you want have any lag
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Oh i get it now! Any information on a proper sequel? I wonder if I torrented the first 5 episodes whether I'd have to play through them again, I really can't be bothered!


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you just have to play where you left off on your iphone(last episode you played) . it will randomly generate the scenes :D
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