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'Thud' What Exactly Is It?


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When i touch the small silver window at the base of the Surface screen, i feel 'thud' inside the device.

A similar thing happens with my Lumia 920.

What is this and why is it not explained or documented by Microsoft?

Searching the web for Surface pro and 'thud', 'thump' or 'vibrate' yields nothing at all - like so many things these days the consumer is just expected to live without documentation...
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Haptic feedback
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Yep, try searching for "haptic feedback" on this forum for plenty of detail. Buzz or buzzing should have brought up some results in your general search too. This is nothing new and just a way to let you "feel" key presses on a digital screen.


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And here by the thread title i thought the thud sound was Mitchellvii hitting his head against the wall about the kickstand
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