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Good evening everyone,

Windows 10, on the Surface Pro 4 tablet, can "lock" the touch keyboard at the bottom of the screen.
But unfortunately it also masks part of the page.

Is it possible to "lock" the keyboard at the bottom of the screen but the page is resized above.
By default, XP, with tablet PCs, allowed this function with a bonus logo (keyboard) that followed the fields to fill.
windows seven screen copy


In addition, is it possible to add a keypad to the right of the touch keyboard? (As the visual keyboard allows)
Indeed, as I reduced (via the registry) the size of the touch keyboard, I have room width to integrate a larger keyboard with touchpad.


Moreover, although I'm not a fan of iPads, a feature of the Apple keyboard is interesting: the touch keyboard folds when you have clicked ENTER.
Is it possible on tablet surface?

Finally, nothing more powerful than the keyboard of Google on Android!
Is it possible to install it on the surface pro 4?

Thank you all


Sorry for my english and screenshot, but i'm french


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Hi there, your post inspired me to finally fix that horrible touch keyboard we all have to deal with since 1709 (fall creators update). How did that mess make it into the release?
In order to be able to resize it you need to replace it with the older version from 1703. The application files for the touch keyboard are stored in
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink"
so you need to replace that folder with files from 1703. But it still won't give you a number pad on the side though :p Just seemed like a good place to share my tutorial.

Here's how to do that:

- Download a windows 10 1703 ISO (Standard • Windows ISO)

- Open the ISO and extract the file \sources\install.wim (it's the biggest file in the folder) and open it with something like 7zip. Enter it and look for the "ink" folder (almost same path as on your machine).

- Once you have extracted the "ink" folder, move it to C:\

- Now reboot your device into recovery command prompt. Settings\update and security\recovery --> advanced startup --> reboot now

- In recovery select "Troubleshoot" then "advanced options" then "command prompt" (If your storage is encrypted you have to look up and enter your encryption code, just google for it)

- Once you have full access to your main drive c:\ in command prompt you're ready to copy the files.

- To actually copy the files type this:

xcopy c:\ink "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink" /e /k

- Choose to overwrite and once it's done type "exit" and then reboot.

That's it. Worked for me on a surface pro 4. You can now also resize the touch keyboard with the method described here:

How to Resize On-Screen Keyboard


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Hello, not working for me on surface pro 4 (last update)

Error with tiptsf.dll file
I tried to replace the original and overwrite the 1703 file,
But the keyboard not want appear...
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Hello all,
Incredible thing today,
I was with a friend who bought a tablet surface pro 4 this month,
I can see on his tablet that he have a one more option of the touch onscreen keyboard,
One perfect little more keyboard !

I try immediately to update my surface pro 4 but no update for me, then no new keyboard

I ll take printscreen as soon as possible,

Does someone have this new touch keyboard?


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Please see here the new little touch keyboard on some tablet surface pro 4!
I don't have this update yet and you?

New touch keyboard :


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