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Experience from long term Touch cover users


Hi! This one is for the folks that have had their Surface devices for a long time: Whenever i fold back the touch keyboard, and hold the tablet in my hands having my fingers "heavily" pressing they keys i feel like i will eventually damage they keyboard or they keys. Is it just me that i am not use to holding a tablet that way?

Another one: If i just want to see a movie, i usually remove the keyboard to be able to have the Surface closer to me. But i think it is possible to just lay the keyboard flat on the table but on the back of the tablet and have the kickstand seat on the back of the keyboard (sorry, i don't know how to better explain it in English, so i hope you get the idea). Any one experienced using they keyboard that way? i am worried that the kickstand may damage the keyboard.

First: I do that sometimes and yes it feels odd to me. But I don't think it does any damage. At least it my devices have not shown any adverse effects - admittedly, I don't do it very often.

Second, yup you can do that too. Usually, I just remove the KB.