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Solved Touchpad Pinch to Zoom Difficulty


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Is anyone having a hard time with pinch to zoom on the touchpad?

It's not very responsive, and most of the time, it moves the cursor instead of zoom.

It's very consistent with quick pinching, but when you pinch slowly to just get the view a little bigger or smaller, it becomes a pain for me.

Microsoft fixed the initial two-finger scrolling responsiveness. (It now works every time without fail.) Now, I really hope they fix pinch-to-zoom on the touchpad. I hate having to reach up to the screen to get accurate zooming.


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I just tried my touchpad, and also notice this.
The two-finger scroll responsiveness is very good, as you mentioned, @minhestrone . Microsoft now should reduce the sensitivity to two fingers changing distance from one another (the zoom in or out).

Pinching seems to be better if one finger (thumb?) is used to click as it contacts the touchpad, then release and contact two fingers for the zoom.
Needs work.


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Yep I agree. Coming from a Macbook it's very hard to get used to. The touchpad is ok, but not in the same class as the Apple ones. Pinch to zoom is not easy to use.


I adjusted touchpad to zero delay and its works better for me. Yes not as good as my mac but the best of any windows machine I have used. Try a yoga pro 3, absolutely terrible.