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I have Surface (2) Pro 3's and (3) 2's in our company as well as normal desktops and just purchased a new Surface Book. I also have a MacBook Pro running Windows 7 in Parallels. I have to say as a user who has Adobe Creative Suite as well as AutoCAD LT and ACT and others I am on the computer constantly for work I hoped this device was the reward for suffering through the Surface Pro 2 small screen and the inability to use the Surface Pro 3 on my lap without a laptop desk, etc. I will say that I love the hardware. I am thrilled with the weight, the functionality, the screen, the keyboard, etc.

I am not happy with the following:
  • The trackpad constantly loses the pointer when I detach or wake up from sleeping with the lid closed, etc.
  • Cortana is a joke. I wanted to be able to type emails, to have it connect to my Office Exchange account and it does neither. The windows speech recognition does not work at all. Mac is much better. Office does not connect to Cortana unless you have a business 365 account I read and I have only connected it to LinkedIn. Wont even connect to my Hotmail account. Come on. Really?
  • Most of the time I have to detach and reattach the screen to get the touchpad to work.
  • I ask Cortana to take a note and get an error that says to check back for future updates.
Other than that. I downloaded the newest firmware earlier this week. Will be happy to get these bugs worked out. Cortana is really the most frustrating thing I have run into. Hope they get that to work and that I can write emails, take notes and other issues I should be able to do like I can on the Mac. This device has great promise.
Update on 11/19/15:
There have been several firmware updates and even with all of the issues this is a beautiful piece of hardware. I own a SP3 and also MacBook Pro and with the new dock hooked up to an Apple Cinema display this is my device of choice. I use it full time. I hope they keep hanging in there with this product.
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