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Transfer Contacts from phone to SP3


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If you are using outlook mail it should all be in the cloud and when you login with your SP3 a sync should be automatic. It is nearly bullet-proof.


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OK, is what you are using a secret? ;)

I am using a pop3 account from a local provider. Also, I guess I should mention that my Windows phone is a personal phone, and my Surface is a company tablet with a different Microsoft login.


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Still not a ton of help. What mail client are you using on the phone and what client do you plan to use on your Surface?


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Outlook comes with Office 365 which is a bargain. As leeshor pointed out, your provider has nothing to do with your problem. Syncing your phone email to your computer is all about your email client.


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To transfer contacts from Nokia 909 Windows phone to your new Surface Pro 3, maybe you can try pro mobile transfer tool, which can help you directly transfer contacts between them. And we can also use Google account.