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Here's one for the road warriors...
I like to use a second monitor but I move around a lot and have my office in a backpack. For some time now I've used an Asus MB168b attached to my laptop. It's a usb monitor so it gets power and signal through the usb port. Not the greatest resolution (1920x1080) but it does the job. I'd like to find something a little better that would connect through the mini display port on my Surface Book (either directly or through an adaptor). I don't mind plugging into a wall socket but the real key for me is portability, I need to be able to slip it in a sleeve and add it into my "technology backpack".
Any suggestions?


Did you think about small projector?
Considered it but I just like the ergonomics of having two displays right in front of my face. My current Asus actually works nicely with the SB, no muss no fuss, but I just thought I'd see if anyone is working on a similar set up with a different monitor


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I have had many travel monitors and all have broken with a month including the Asus. It seems the screens do not like airlines or baggage if even in a padded case. However I have had the best luck with the GeChic 1303H, 13 inch. They have a touch version as well. They just released the 15 inch 1502I Touch which looks impressive. The monitor needs an auxiliary power supply on the Surface Pro 3 and have not tried it yet with the Surface Book. With that said, the monitor has been reliable and the colors match the computer screen almost perfectly at 1920 x 1080. The unit is 700:1 brightness and an IPS screen. It uses USB 3 for power and mini displayport to micro hdmi (cord furnished) and mini displayport to micro displayport (no cords released yet). You need a good padded case to travel with and recommend the Tumi Alpha bag at about $ 100.00.

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Thanks arcirekt.
I've had no problems with my Asus breaking but I keep it in the same carry on backpack as my laptop (surface, iPad, etc) with a sleeve over it's own case. The GeChic 15" sounds pretty good, IPS would be nice. I'll check it out


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I've had the GeChic 1502i for over a year now...got it imported. Absolutely IMHO the best travel monitor you can buy. I can't tell you how many people have drooled over it when I whip it out and set it up next to the SP3... I also have one of the Lenovo 13" USB monitors. I like it as well, mainly for its smaller size (easier portability), Wacom pen input, and stand that doubles as a case, and way cheaper. However, the display quality and resolution are no contest when pitted against the GeChic. That IPS screen is almost as bright and crisp as that on the SP3 and that's damn impressive. It's quite some coin (but cheaper now at around $400), but I think it's worth every dime. And using both of them at the same time when on the road just leaves other travel geeks in awe :Dimage.jpeg
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