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Trouble with printing


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Hi all
I am having problem with printing up until a couple of days ago it was all fine but now my surface rt cant find my printer (canon mg 4150).
i have tried uninstalling then reinstalling it on my main laptop and i can print from that fine but surface wont find it. If i go through Word and try to add a printer a box appears on screen saying ; the active directory domain services is currently unavailable.

Does anybody have any ideas

Many thanks


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Is your Surface connected to a domain? If not (which it doesn't sound like, as I take it your using this at home?) then you will not be able to add a printer through Word as that will only allow you add domain printers.

You need to open up the devices and printers control panel and choose "add printer" from there.

From your start screen, type in devices and printers and then click on this item, you should then get a list of currently connected devices, with an add printer option at the top.

Also, is this a wireless printer? If so you will want to set up a static IP address for it to prevent the chance of it disappearing off your devices.