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Turning Surface Book on


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Not sure if this has already been asked/answered. But would appreciate some help or a link to a previously answered question.

I have the top spec version of the Surface Book, i7, 512 , 16 etc. When i shut it down i wait for all lights to go out before folding the tablet to the base. However, when I want to use it , 70% of the time it doesn't turn on which leads me to hard reseting via holding down the on button and the volume up.

Any suggestions? It's really pissing me off!



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If the screen is black, but the keys light up when you press them, I had the same problem (as did many, many others).

If you search for my posts here, you will see my trials and tribulations with this issue. There are a million things you can try, but in the end I had to return mine to MS for exchange. This was a problem that MS knew about when they started shipping the SB, but they sold them anyways.


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Wait - I had this on both my Surface Books many software updates ago. Make sure you have latest firmware and software.