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Twelve South Compass Mobile Stand for Surface Pro


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Good afternoon everyone,

FYI, I have been looking for a Surface Pro stand which would work without my touch keyboard and Surface stand. This may be the answer.

I was recently in the Apple store and purchased the Twelve South Compass Mobile Stand (for IPad), and it works like a charm for the Surface Pro for lay down and landscape modes. I tried it in Portrait and it may work there as well, but I haven't really tested it because the SP is top heavy.

Anyone care to provide any thoughts, opinions?

Peace and blessings,

Thanks, I appreciate the support J515OP.

There is one major tidbit I neglected to add that separates this item from other viable options, is its portability. I can place this item in my Portfolio case and bring it out when needed. JMHO, as always however, YMMV.

Peace and blessings,

Have you considered this? Less than half the price same function :)

Hmmm, certainly worthy of consideration at that price point. My only concern would be the build quality and durability (plastic vs. aluminum)

Further thoughts are welcome?

Peace and blessings,

I've owned the above stand for 3 years and still looks new and it works well, Amazon has the same stand for $10 USD under its Amazon Basics Brand.
Ok I placed the amazon order for comparison. I can always give it to my wife for her iPad if it doesn't work out.

I will keep you all posted.

Peace and blessings,