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Two New ‘Accessories’



I was poking around the Microsoft store and came across two accessories I had not seen before.

A bar that turns your Type/Touch Cover into a Bluetooth HID. Link

And a Bluetooth Arc Touch Mouse. Link.

The ‘Wireless Adaptor’ is a brilliant idea. But it is $20-$30 too expensive.
But even though the mouse is lacking F/B buttons, I am considering picking one up. I love the concept, and every time I have handeled on on display, the arc was not broken. (Which speaks volumes about the build quality.) But I fear it will still have tracking issues that plague every BT mouse.


I wonder if the Remix ‘Blade’ will work with the wireless adaptor.



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I couldn't do without the f/b capability. Do yourself a favor and get the Logitech T630.


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I just picked up the Arc Touch Mouse Surface and I think its great. If you travel a lot like I do the ability to fold the mouse flat and carry in your computer bag is a huge deal, in my opinion much more so than F/B buttons. consider that you can right click to get those commands easily so again dedicated buttons not such a big deal to me. The reason I posted this is not to argue the value of F/B buttons to others but to point out to some people based on their individual use may find value otherwise. So if you are a heavy traveler and find packing the right stuff a premium consider that this mouse is smaller than most mobile phones when packed! And yes even at the price they want......