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Which accessories do you carry around (SP3)


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I became a proud owner of a SP3 recently (i7 - 512G - 8G bragging is fun). I have always been a gadget lover and of course I always have my gadget bag with me. I have made a list and some pictures of the stuff I carry around every time I take my SP3 with me.

I was wondering what you guys take with you and where you carry it in.

a small remark: I still use my Sony Z2 tablet and LG G3 phone as well so some stuff I show below isn't intendet for Surface-use.

MY LOADOUT: you can check all of the pictures here

In the Amazon Basics bag I carry the following
- Surface Pro 3 Wall Charger
- Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
- Stand for tablet/surface
- Butterfox Cablebag with (power cord/Micro USB/Sony Charger/ Aux Cable)
- Car to USB
- Wall USB charger
- WEdo Touch Pen
- Micro SD adapter (USB)
- Stellar USB (3.0 + Micro - 64G)
- Inateck USB 3.0 Hub (which has a USB OTG adapter)

The other stuff I take with me:
- A Case Logic bag with a WD Elements HDD (USB 3.0 - 2TB)
- External Battery pack: Anker Astro Pro 14400mAh

Expected to arrive:

- Skinny sleeve
- mini Display to dp/dvi/hdmi adapter
- power cord for external battery
- usb to ethernet adapter
- Bluetooth headphones (Mipow M3)

Some of the pictures

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Just my bag to place the Surface in, the power supply and cord, the touch pen that was included, wireless mouse, and one real pen. I like to travel light.


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I travel compact with the GRID-IT.
See How I Pack My Junk

Looks nice, I saw some tutorials to make your own, guess I'm gonna give it a try so I can customize it to my need, if it doesn't work i'll buy one as well, just not sure which version it will be.
what are those two USB devices on top for?

another off-topic question:
the keyboard wireless adapter, is it only compatible with the SP3 or can you use it as a Bluetooth keyboard on any device?


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I only carry the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter as an extra accessory, I guess technically I carry the pen and cover but those are attached :)


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Pen and power cord... that's about it! For me, when I'm using it as a portable I like it to be as portable as possible :)


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Pen and power cord... that's about it! For me, when I'm using it as a portable I like it to be as portable as possible :)

I can understand that, thing is I carry around my backpack anyway, so the small bag with all of the extra stuff isn't really taking any place I would use for other stuff. However if I wouldn't take my bag with me I would just take the pen/keyboard/sp3 and charger and probably just my arc mouse and display adapter


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That's true, it depends how long I'll need it for. My general sleeve is this one...


You can't fit a lot in there as it's pretty slim... but I can always chuck that in my backpack if more stuff is required!


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In addition to a BT mouse and keyboard (cant justify the price of the Type Cover), I also carry a cheap Amazon miniDP-to-HDMI adapter. Comes handy at times.

Also a short microUSB cable to charge my (or my friend's) phone as well as transferring data. Also comes handy at times.


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I love my Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition. It works seamlessly with my Surface and from across the room. I have a wireless adapter for typing covers that I purchased and used some with my first edition Surface Pro. In theory it is an awesome product but it never quite worked properly. I have tried it with my Surface Pro 3 and while it pairs fine and fits the keyboard fine, it still does not work properly. I am hoping that will get fixed in a future release of Windows 10.