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Which accessories do you carry around (SP3)


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How much charge do you get from the Anker External Battery and do you use the SP3 while charging?

I became a proud owner of a SP3 recently (i7 - 512G - 8G bragging is fun). I have always been a gadget lover and of course I always have my gadget bag with me. I have made a list and some pictures of the stuff I carry around every time I take my SP3 with me.

I was wondering what you guys take with you and where you carry it in.

a small remark: I still use my Sony Z2 tablet and LG G3 phone as well so some stuff I show below isn't intendet for Surface-use.

MY LOADOUT: you can check all of the pictures here

In the Amazon Basics bag I carry the following
- Surface Pro 3 Wall Charger
- Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
- Stand for tablet/surface
- Butterfox Cablebag with (power cord/Micro USB/Sony Charger/ Aux Cable)
- Car to USB
- Wall USB charger
- WEdo Touch Pen
- Micro SD adapter (USB)
- Stellar USB (3.0 + Micro - 64G)
- Inateck USB 3.0 Hub (which has a USB OTG adapter)

The other stuff I take with me:
- A Case Logic bag with a WD Elements HDD (USB 3.0 - 2TB)
- External Battery pack: Anker Astro Pro 14400mAh

Expected to arrive:

- Skinny sleeve
- mini Display to dp/dvi/hdmi adapter
- power cord for external battery
- usb to ethernet adapter
- Bluetooth headphones (Mipow M3)

Some of the pictures

that's too much stuff for me...just my surface in type cover in my amazon basics bag, surface pen, charger and a real pen and marker, also trident watermelon gum...never leave home without it...plus earbuds...just in case.


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Microsoft Wedge mouse, HDMI adapter, charge brick and Advil for all the headaches with CS and PMK issues. Sometimes also an Asus USB monitor or my Galaxy Note 10.1 that I will use a a wireless secondary monitor.