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type cover 2 lights up randomly "normal?"


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I got a type cover 2 for my SP1 and like it a lot. however, the keyboard lights up randomly when I'm nowhere near touching / using it. is this normal for this keyboard?


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Probably something to do with the sensor. Have you tried turning the Surface off, taking it off and reconnecting? Also make sure you have the latest firmware updates.


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Doesn't sound normal, pretty sure the proximity sensor only has a range of about 10cm. Not noticed this with mine, only seems to come one when I get pretty close to it.


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thanks for the feedback. I've tried rebooting, turning on / off, connecting / reconnecting so I guess it's time to swap 'er out


This happens to my Type 2 from day 1 as well. I haven't been able to figure it out but it doesn't seem to harm anything. I'm also wondering as well if it's some sort of sensor that's a little schizophrenic. I took it back to our local Microsoft store and they didn't have a clue. I'm not sure swapping anything out will help as I did get them to swap the keyboard and no difference. A few days later I took back my Surface Pro 2 128 and bought a 256gb version instead. Keyboard backlight behaviour didn't change.

I was hoping the latest MS firmware update would help as I believe it also updated the keyboard firmware but so far I haven't noticed any change. I haven't really been paying attention though and I suspect it may be a firmware or software fix down the road to adjust the behaviour. Cheers!


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Mine does this as well. It's not often though. Where is the sensor that the keyboard uses?