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Type cover 2 tearing


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I got the Surface 2 for Christmas along with the purple type 2 cover. Just noticed today that on 3 out of the 4 corners the fabric/felt is tearing. It is at the border where the raised keyboard ends, not the thin edge of the whole cover itself. I think I will take it into the Microsoft store where I bought it next week and ask them about it since it is just over a month old. Just curious if anyone else has had this happen. I do use the keyboard a lot, I am using my Surface as a laptop substitute for school. But it is almost always on a hard surface such as desk or table.
...it is almost always on a hard surface such as desk or table...
Couldn't agree more. Felt? First time I took it to Starbucks I got a spot on the felt from something that was on the table. It's permanent, and the felt has a different texture there now from me trying to clean the spot. And, it was $200 :-(

The material on the top of the keyboard would've been a much better choice. It's nice as at first it feels like fabric, but it's actually some sort of textured vinyl that wipes clean.

But felt, on the outer surface of a laptop... really? What were they thinking ;-)