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Type cover concerns


when you use it with the cover folded back to use it as a tablet, isn't it more prone to scratches on the keys or them loosening up?

just concerned.
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I only use my type cover in two situation:

- when I'm actually using Surface like a desktop.
- attach it to cover the screen when Surface is not in use.

Otherwise it's separated from the Surface. I never flip it backwards.... I use the Surface as a tablet 90% of the time and don't like having it attached (flipped back)....



Anyone else doing the same thing? just using the keyboard on an as needed basis?

Which brings another question... does the connection suffer from wear and tear.. eventually with so much attaching and detaching?
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I've got both keyboards. For the past week or so I've been using the type keyboard flipped back when its on my lap. It works good but it still pushes the keys down and occasionally it won't bring up the screen keyboard because of this. I think its almost 2 sensitive using it this way. The touch cover works way better when used like a tablet. I don't think either one will leave any scratches or none that I have seen anyways.

I don't see it causing any harm to the surface with repeated removal. The magnets seem pretty strong and and always seen to make a good connection.


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I'm using the touch cover and also leave it detached in the desk 90% of the time, while just using the Surface as a tablet. I prefer the Surface naked most of the time.


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I keep my type cover with my Surface about 90% of the time. When I'm not using the keyboard, here is what I do. I pull the keyboard off, then flip it around and re-attach it on backwards. I then close it over the back, so that the keys face the tablet, and the soft side is out. Voila, no problems with damaged keys.. plus the felt side is way nicer to hold.


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I'm having a problem with my surface's keyboard. When I open the keyboard the surface tablet doesn't recognize the keyboard. I have to detach it and re-attach it (sometimes several times) for it to work. Other times, I open the surface and the keyboard works just fine. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks


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Aw: Type cover concerns

Yes, sometimes the surface doesn't recognize it for a second. I thin this is a two-part problem: First there could be some issues with connectivity (like it's not really 100% positioned or the contacts are a bit "dirty" -> clean it with some sort of isopropanol or likely) and for the second part this seems like a driver issue with standby or the gyro-sensor located in the cover. Because this is just a rare issue on my type-cover it's is not really frustrating, but I hope there'll be an update soon.
I leave my touch cover on 100% of the time. I use the Surface about 50% with the keyboard folded flat against the back of the tablet. I've had my Surface since Oct26th. No problems so far.


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I leave my touch cover on 100% of time like Rick^. But I must point out that with the type cover MS had to tested the cover under situations that would simulate every day use. in my opinion I believe that you will be fine and it shouldn't scratch or scuff that bad, unless you are planning on burring it in gravel or sand. If you are really that worried about it attach it when you are using it and detach it when you don't. and answering your second question , no the connection will not wear and be come defective over time. the connectors are gold and should last a good while. the surface is one of the most rugged tablets I have every used as well as the touch/type cover.

Hope this helps,