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Type cover concerns

I switched from touch to type cover. I pretty much have it on 100% and flip it back when needed (e.g. for browsing and reading). I've done this for almost 2 weeks now and have not noticed any problems with it. So far it works as advertised. Reason I switched to the type cover is because my fingers never got comfortable with the touch feel and I can really only type well with the tactile feel of the type cover.


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I'm having a problem with my surface's keyboard. When I open the keyboard the surface tablet doesn't recognize the keyboard. I have to detach it and re-attach it (sometimes several times) for it to work. Other times, I open the surface and the keyboard works just fine. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks
I'm having the same problem. It is so frustrating, I tell everyone to avoid buying a Surface. Can't seem to find a solution. Guess I have to learn to use this piece of crap as a tablet. Should have purchased a laptop.