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Type Cover getting dirty easily


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So, I have a red Type Cover, and I'm noticing that it gets dirty pretty easily. Is this just how it is? Any good way to clean it? I've wiped (carefully) with a microfiber cloth but the fabric seems to fray easily.



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The top of the keyboard isn't actually fabric, it's more like a textured vinyl. The bottom is felt (odd choice, dirt magnet, can't clean it) You could actually use a mild cleaner on the top part though. That being said, I was never able to get the dirt fully out of the blue keyboard, wound up getting a black one instead. I think about as light as I'd go now is the new Best Buy blue one.


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Though baby wipes will probably work fine, here are the official cleaning tips from Clean and care for Surface - Touchscreen and Keyboard Cover (Microsoft):

Cover and keyboard care
The Touch Cover and the Type Cover require minimum care to function well. To clean the keyboard, wipe with a lint-free cloth dampened in mild soap and water. Don’t apply liquids directly to Surface. Do this often to keep your Touch Cover or Type Cover looking great.

If the spine or magnetic connections of your cover get dirty or stained, apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (also called rubbing alcohol) to a soft, lint-free cloth to clean.


I do want a red one, but it's MS ONLY, my city doesn't have one ,and Staples only have black one, I don't like it , or return or exchange different color one.


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the back of type cover is really a dirt paradise, way to dirty, i am planning to use baby wipe to see how it goes


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duh, no luck
It was a poor choice of textile -- common sense sort of dictates you wouldn't cover a laptop with felt -- yet that's exactly what Microsoft did by making the back of the keyboard felt. Someone suggested at another site that products designed to clean felt pool tables might work -- that seems kind of involved...